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    Fox Telecommunications provides business phone service using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Fox Telcom was established as a corporation in the state of Florida in March 2012.  However, the business concept has been years if not decades in the making.  It is the culmination of experiences by the founder and CEO Milton Brown as he worked in various areas of technology from Avionics, (aviation electronics), mobile two-way communications, IT (information technology) and Telecommunications. Milton has always had a keen interest in communications and participated in the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) program which provided phone service for servicemen stationed in South East Asia to communicate with their families at home.  His telecommunications experience dates back more than 20 years working on traditional PBXes and systems like TalkSwitch and TeleVantage which led Voice over IP and computer telephony integration.  He built his first Linux-based open-source PBX in 2009 and continues to be a strong advocate of open-source.  Given the years of experience providing technology solutions we are ready to assist your organization enhance how you communicate with your customers.

About Us

Fox Telecommunications provides business phone service using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Our agreements with all the major carriers allows us to pass on savings of 40 to 60 percent on most phone bills. All of our business plans provide unlimited inbound lines. We are happy to provide a free analysis of your phone services and show how you can save money and have more features and service.

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210 Woodland Estates Ave
Ruskin, Florida 33570

P.O. BOX 99
Ruskin, FL 33575

844 649.7749
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